The main organizer of EUSO 2018 is Association for technical culture of Slovenia (ZOTKS)

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The main organizer of 16th European Union Science Olympiad - EUSO 2018 in Ljubljana is Association for technical culture of Slovenia (ZOTKS). It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization with more than 65-year tradition of working with children and youth in science, natural sciences and technology. ZOTKS main programme aims to encourage young people to develop their creative and innovative potential, especially in the field of science and technology. Young people are involved in scientific research of technical and natural sciences through various forms of activities, ZOTKS’ team is experienced in addressing and encouraging young people to engage in various activities and provide their innovative proposals of solution to various problems in the society. Every year the above-mentioned activities attract over 60.000 children and young people as well as 4.000 scientists, teachers, tutors, and other experts.


As a main organizer, ZOTKS coordinates all the organizational activities of the EUSO 2018. They are preparing the competition, organizing excursions, social events, providing and ensuring an accommodation and receptions for students and mentors. The professional part of the preparation of tasks is the responsibility of experts from three faculties: The Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the Department of Biology from the Biotechnical Faculty, all from University of Ljubljana.

Participating countries change in the organization, every year is another country's turn. Slovenia, with the support of ZOTKS, has been participating in EUSO since 2007. At the EUSO 2014 in Athens, at the CC meeting, Slovenia had been requested to determine the year to host the EUSO. As an organizer of this year's competition, Slovenia was confirmed at EUSO 2015 in Austria.

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Michael A. Cotter 3 years, 7 months ago

Congratulations. This is a very impressive commitment to the Science & Technology education of young Slovenian students.

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