EUSO is the Best Part of the Year

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“Last year, EUSO was one of the best parts of the whole year,” said Ana Meta Dolinar, 3rd year student at Gimnazija Bežigrad. This is her second year competing at EUSO. At last year’s competition, held in Denmark, Ana Meta and her team won a bronze medal. We sat down with her to talk about her experience of taking part in EUSO. In her words, it’s “great to be rewarded for your effort and given an opportunity to spend a week being part of such an event, where you can prove your knowledge at the highest level.”


The other thing Ana Meta finds most important in such competitions, is getting to know peers from other countries, as well as Slovenian contestants who share your interests and you get along with well. “I had so much fun at last year’s Olympiad that I made it my goal to win my place in the competition for the second time. This has proved harder than I expected, since I no longer take biology in the IB programme and that had a big influence on my tests. Luckily I was able to make up for it in physics and chemistry. I spent a lot of time preparing for the competition and in the end I made the team once again,” Ana Meta explained merrily.

EUSO on home ground will be an interesting experience

She feels that this year’s EUSO on home ground will prove to be an interesting experience, giving Slovenia the opportunity to present itself to foreign guests. The only downside in her opinion could be additional pressure on Slovenian teams because of increased attention. “Another difference from last year is different mentors, all of them. But I see this as an advantage, because this year’s preparations have been also different and this has given us a deeper understanding of the subject matter, new vantage points and additional knowledge,” she ascertains. “My team is also new. We have clicked really well and I am convinced we will cooperate highly effectively.”

This year, Ana Meta Dolinar also competed in The European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad, where she won individual bronze last year. This year’s results are yet to be announced. She also won individual bronze at the last year’s Middle European Mathematical Olympiad, while her team came in second place among eleven competing countries. She attended the International Linguistics Olympiad in Dublin, also winning individual and team bronze, as well as a special acknowledgment for best solution.

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Michael A. Cotter 3 years, 3 months ago

Thanks Ana Meta for you interview. You are not alone in your praise for EUSO 2017 in Copenhagen. It was an exceptional event and many students told me that, like you, they really enjoyed it. Congratulations on making it onto the Slovenian team for a second time and for all you achievements since. You certainly had a busy and productive year. I’m looking forward to meeting you again at the weekend.

EUSO 2018 will be great !!!


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