Cooperation among Teams Is Crucial


All EUSO Olympic activities last seven days and include various accompanying activities in addition to the competition. The competition itself spans over two days, approximately four hours per day. During this time, students are involved in assignments in natural sciences - biology, chemistry and physics. It takes members of the scientific board of the organising country - this year it is composed of 10 members - over a year to devise the assignments. Contestants arrive at solutions by successfully completing experiments. This year, the teams will carry out experiments at the laboratories of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Contestants are expected to excel in laboratory as well as team work.

Opportunity to Exchange Views

Students will be accompanied by three mentors who are required to translate the assignments the day before each competition. During this time, any exchange among students and mentors is prohibited. For this reason, they shall be placed in separate hotels. Expert discussions on the assignments are held simultaneously with the translation process.

The week-long competition offers the mentors the opportunity to exchange views on the field of natural sciences or individual science subjects in different countries, as well as discuss different curricula, exchange teaching materials and experience, and confront their views on the latest developments in science. For this reason the number of mentors participating in EUSO rises each year.

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