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Applications for the 16th European Union Science Olympiad are now closed. 52 teams from 25 EU countries entered the competition. Each participateing country will be represented by two teams. As host, Slovenia has the right to two additional teams, which will participate outside the competition. The two official Slovenian teams consist of the top six contestants in the national competition in natural sciences. The list of participating countries and their teams is available HERE.

From April 28 to May 5, Ljubljana will thus host 156 young scientists, aged 16 years or younger, accompanied by estimated 96 mentors and observers.



Contestants in official Slovenian Team A in the competition:

name school
Gašper Košir     Gymnasium Kranj
Tevž Lotrič Gymnasium Kranj
Luka Hadl Gymnasium Novo mesto

Contestants in official Slovenian Team B in the competition:

name school
Ana Meta Dolinar      Gymnasium Bežigrad
Gregor Gajič Gymnasium Bežigrad
Vladimir Smrkolj Gymnasium Bežigrad

Contestants in Slovenian Team A outside the competition:

name school
Urša Konda Črnomelj High School
Nina Težak Črnomelj High School
Izidor Gregorič       Slovenska Bistrica High School

Contestants in Slovenian Team B outside the competition:

name school
Nika Kobetič Gymnasium Bežigrad
Simon Bukovšek      Gymnasium Škofja Loka
Marcel Malovrh Gymnasium Kranj
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Congratulations: A FULL HOUSE.

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