Euso 2018 news

Interdisciplinarity a Distinguishing Characteristic of EUSO Contest

Anita Nose, a permanent expert contributor at Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia (ATCS), a physics mentor and a member of the organizational committee of this year’s European Union Science Olympiad in Ljubljana, shared her thoughts on the interdisciplinary aspect of EUSO and interrelation of all the three fields of natural sciences.

Even More Interdisciplinarity at This Year’s Competition

Doctor of chemical sciences, Matej Huš, is a permanent expert contributor at ATCS in the field of chemistry and chemical science. He works as mentor for EUSO and is a member of this year’s organizational committee at EUSO. We sat down with him to talk about his expectations regarding this year’S EUSO competition, about any perceived changes in quantity and scope of the contestors’ knowledge, as well as about whether the contest prioritises some scientific disciplines over others.

Cooperation among Teams Is Crucial

All EUSO Olympic activities last seven days and include various accompanying activities in addition to the competition. The competition itself spans over two days, approximately four hours per day. During this time, students are involved in assignments in natural sciences - biology, chemistry and physics. It takes members of the scientific board of the organising country - this year it is composed of 10 members - over a year to devise the assignments. Contestants arrive at solutions by successfully completing experiments. This year, the teams will carry out experiments at the laboratories of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Contestants are expected to excel in laboratory as well as team work.

The main organizer of EUSO 2018 is Association for technical culture of Slovenia (ZOTKS)

The main organizer of 16th European Union Science Olympiad - EUSO 2018 in Ljubljana is Association for technical culture of Slovenia (ZOTKS). It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization with more than 65-year tradition of working with children and youth in science, natural sciences and technology. ZOTKS main programme aims to encourage young people to develop their creative and innovative potential, especially in the field of science and technology. Young people are involved in scientific research of technical and natural sciences through various forms of activities, ZOTKS’ team is experienced in addressing and encouraging young people to engage in various activities and provide their innovative proposals of solution to various problems in the society. Every year the above-mentioned activities attract over 60.000 children and young people as well as 4.000 scientists, teachers, tutors, and other experts.

The organization process of the EUSO Slovenia competitions started almost three years ago

This year Ljubljana will host approximately 150 young natural scientists from 25 countries in the European Union Science Olympiad 2018 (EUSO).